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May that Lord be kind enough to protect me in difficult places like the forest and battlefront." ( (Meditation on the angry form of Lord Nrisimhadave) mimamsamanasya samutthito grato nrisimha-rupas tad alam bhayanakam pratapa-chamikara-chanda-lochanam sphurat sata-keshara-jrimbhitananam karala-damstram karavala-chanchala kshuranta-jihvam bhrukuti-mukholbanam stabdhordhva-karnam giri-kandaradbhuta vyattasya-nasam hanu-bheda-bhishanam divi-sprishat kayam adirgha-pivara grivoru-vakshah-sthalam alpa-madhyamam chandramshu-gauraish churitam tanuruhair vishvag bhujanika-shatam nakhayudham durasadam sarva-nijetarayudha- praveka-vidravita-daitya-danavam Hiranyakashipu studied the form of the Lord, trying to decide who the form of Nrisimhadeva standing before him was.

The Lords form was extremely fearsome because of His angry eyes, which resembled molten gold; His shining mane, which expanded the dimensions of His fearful face; His deadly teeth; and His razor-sharp tongue, which moved about like a dueling sword.

vag-isha yasya vadane laksmir yasya cha vakshasi yasyate hridaye samvit tam nrisimham aham bhaje "Lord Nrisimhadeva is always assisted by Sarasvati, the goddess of learning and He is always embracing to His chest the goddess of fortune.

The Lord is always complete in knowledge within Himself.

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Burn and burn, cook and cook, preserve and preserve." shri nrisimha, jaya nrisimha, jaya jaya nrisimha prahladesha jaya padma-mukha-padma bringa "All glories to Nrisimhadeva, who is the Lord of Prahlada Maharaja and, like the honey bee, is always engaged in beholding the lotus-like face of the goddess of fortune." prahlada-hridayahladam bhaktavidya-vidaram sharad-indu-ruchim vande parindra-vandanam harim "Let me offer my obeisances unto Lord Nrisimhadeva who is always enlightening Prahlada Maharaja within his heart and who always kills the nescience that attacks the devotees.

These are for protection from such things as malevolent spirits and material desires, as well as increased devotion and a peaceful world. To the Chakra chakram yugantanala-tigma-nemi bhramat samantad bhagavat-prayuktam dandagdhi dandagdhy ari-sainyam ashu kaksham yatha vata-sakho hutashaha Set into motion by the Supreme Personality of Godhead and wandering in all the four directions, the disc of the Supreme Lord has sharp edges as destructive as the fire of devastation at the end of the millennium.

As a blazing fire burns dry grass to ashes with the assistance of the breeze, may the Sudarshana chakra burn our enemies to ashes.

The mantra is often written on a small piece of bark, such as from the botch tree.

Then it is sealed in the capsule with a tulasi leaf or even flower petals that have been offered to the deity of Lord Narasimha. Men wear the kavacha around the neck or on the upper right arm, while women wear it around the neck or on the upper left arm.

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