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stolet, Heribertv dopis Orlans 1022 Sources / Prameny Literature / Literatura Arras 1025 Sources Literature Monteforte 1028/1040 Berengar of Tours and the eucharistic controversy, 1078-1079 / Berengar z Toursu a eucharistick spor v letech 1078-1079 Leutard Catharism, Cathars / Katarstv, katai Groups of sources – manuscripts, editions, translations, studies / Skupiny pramen – rukopisy, edice, peklady, studie Anthologies and readers / Antologie a tanky Texts in original languages / Texty v pvodnch jazycch Translations / Peklady Cathar literature / Vlastn katarsk literatura Cathar Bibles / Katarsk bible Occitan translation of the New Testament (Lyon, Bibl. stolet Cathars and the Reformation, Cathars and Protestants / Katai a reformace, katai a protestanti Modern anti-Cathar polemic / Modern protikatarsk polemika Cathars and Occitanism, Cathars and Occitan identity / Katai a okcitnsk identita, okcitnsk vlastenectv Political and ideological use of Catharism and the Albigensian crusade / Politick a ideologick uvn katarstv a kov vpravy proti albigenskm Cathar folklore, 19th-21th century / „Katarsk folklr“, 19.-21. Esoteric views of Catharism / Esoterick pojet katarstv Sources (esoteric works on Catharism) / Prameny (esoterick dla o katarstv) Literature Cathars and Nazism (in esoterical literature) / Katai a nacismus (v esoterick literatue) Dodat Roch – sources (writings) / Dodat Roch – prameny (spisy) Dodat Roch – literature / Dodat Roch – literatura Non-esoteric neo-Cathars / Neesoterit novokatai Romantic Cathar revival / Romantick oiven katarstv Philosophical reception of Catharism / Filozofick recepce katarstv Simone Weil Simone Ptrement Literary works / Literrn dla Catharism in literature – studies / Katarstv v literatue – studie Folk and textbook image of Catharism; Catharism in comic books / Modern lidov a uebnicov obraz katarstv; katarstv v komiksu Cathars and tourism, „Pays cathare“ / Katai a turistika, „Katarsk zem“ Images / Obrzky Miscellaneous / Rzn Image publications with photographs of the „Pays cathare“ / Obrazov publikace s fotografiemi „katarsk zem“ Journals; thematic issues / asopisy; tematick sla asopis Journals – miscellaneous / asopisy – rzn Dictionaries, encyclopedias / Slovnky, encyklopedie Some book reviews / Vybran recenze Bibliographies / Bibliografie Czech and Slovac literature on Catharism and Bogomilism / esky a slovensky vydan literatura ke katarstv a bogomilstv Vilgard of Ravenna / Vilgard z Ravenny Sources / Prameny Peter of Bruis and Petrobrusians / Petr z Bruis a petrobrusini Sources / Prameny Literature / Literatura Henry the Monk / Jindich Mnich Editions / Edice Literature / Literatura Pataria in Milan / Pataria v Miln Sources / Prameny Literature / Literatura Miscellaneous / Rzn Overviews / Pehledy Overall interpretations / Celkov vklady Historiography / Historiografie Tanchelm of Antwerpen / Tanchelm z Antverp Arnold of Brescia and the Arnoldists / Arnold z Brescie a arnoldist Ugo Speroni and the Speronists / Ugo Speroni a speronist Humiliati / Humiliti Passagians / Passagini Judaizers – miscellaneous / Judaizujc hereze – rzn Prameny – stedovk Prameny – novovk Literatura – novovk Waldensianism, Waldensians / Valdenstv, valdent Groups of sources – manuscripts, editions, translations, studies / Skupiny pramen – rukopisy, edice, peklady, studie Miscellaneous / Rzn Editions Translations Studies on manuscripts and texts / Studie o rukopisech a textech Waldensian texts / Valdensk spisy Lists and descriptions of manuscripts / Soupisy a popisy rukopis Editions / Edice Studies on manuscripts and texts / Studie o rukopisech a textech Anti-Waldensian texts / Protivaldensk texty Editions / Edice Inquisitional records – Dauphin and Piedmont / Inkvizin zznamy – Dauphin a Piemont Editions / Edice Inquisitional records – German areas, Hungary and Bohemia / Inkvizin zznamy – nmeck oblasti, Uhersko a echy Manuscripts / Rukopisy Editions / Edice Miscellaneous / Rzn Overall interpretations / Celkov vklady Theory and method / Teorie a metodologie Overviews / Pehledy Proceedings and collections of articles / Sbornky Historiography / Historiografie Bibliographies / Bibliografie, bibliografick daje Valdès; birth and beginnings of Waldensianism / Valdès; vznik a potky valdenstv Waldensians and literacy / Valdent a vzdlanost Miscellaneous / Rzn Waldensian literature / Valdensk literatura Waldensian Bibles / Valdensk bible Waldensian beliefs / Valdensk vrouka Waldensian preaching and spiritual leadership / Valdensk kzn, valdensk kazatelstv a duchovn veden Waldensian customs and moral requirements / Valdensk zvyklosti a morln zsady Sociology of Waldensianism, Waldensian groups / Sociologie valdenstv, valdensk skupiny Miscellaneous / Rzn Family, sexuality / Rodina, sexualita Women in Waldensianism / eny ve valdenstv Names of the Waldensians / Oznaen valdenskch Anti-Waldensian polemic / Polemika proti valdenskm Anti-Waldensians inquisitions / Inkvizice proti valdenskm Geography of Waldensianism – general works / Geografie valdenstv – obecn prce Waldensians in France (including Provence and Languedoc) / Valdent ve Francii (vetn Provence a Languedoku) Waldensians in Spain / Valdent ve panlsku Waldensians in Alpine valleys (Piemont and Dauphin) / Valdent v alpskch dolch (Piemont a Dauphin) Waldensians in Italy / Valdent v Itlii Waldensians in Germany / Valdent v Nmecku Waldensians in Poland, Silesia and Pomerania / Valdent v Polsku, Slezsku a Pomoansku Miscellaneous / Rzn Context – German settlement / Kontext – nmeck osidlovn Waldensianism in the Czech lands / Valdenstv v eskch zemch Miscellaneous / Rzn Waldensians in Austria / Valdent v Rakousku Durand de Osca and the Catholic Poor / Durand de Osca a Katolit chud Waldensians and the Reformation / Valdent a reformace The use of Waldensianism in Christian groups’ seeking for continuity / Vyuvn valdenstv v hledn kontinuity u kestanskch skupin Waldensians in 17th-21th centuries / Valdent v 17.-21. [Na historiografii zamen, podrobn dlo; c.] Solovjev, Alexandre, „Nestanak bogomilstva i islamizacija Bosne“, in: Godinjak Ist. Hamilton, Bernard, „The Origins of the Dualist Church of Drugunthia“, in: Eastern Churches Review 6, 1974, 115-124. [c.] anjek, Franjo, „Le rassemblement hrtique de Saint-Flix-de-Caraman (1167) et les glises cathares au XII siècle“, Revue d’histoire ecclsiastique 67, 1972, 767-799. [FF MU.] Denkova, Lydia, „Les Bogomiles: Ontologie du Mal et orthodoxie orientale“, Heresis 13-14, 1989, 65-87. [c.] Johns, Andreas, „Slavic Creation Narratives: The Sacred and the Comic“, Fabula 46/3-4, 2005, 257-291. 7204), p.] Stoyanov, Yuri, Apocryphal Themes and Apocalyptic Elements in Bogomil Dualist Theology and Their Implications for the Study of Catharism [Ph. stol.); afra 1344; heretit, palamitt a hsychastit mnii; zvry. apart (pod arou), jmenn rejstk, rejstk mstnch jmen, rejstk rukopis. Haviernik, Pavol, „K leneniu nboenskho dualizmu v byzantskom prostred: K typolgii bogomilskho dualizmu“, Byzantinoslovaca 2, 2008, 97-110. 11r-12v)“, Cristianesimo nella storia 5/3, 1984, 475-506. [c., h.] Taylor Claire, „The Letter of Hribert of Prigord as a Source for Dualist Heresy in the Society of Early Eleventh-Century Aquitaine“, Journal of Medieval History 26/4, 2000, 313-349. Discours polmiques et pouvoirs avant l’Inquisition, Nice: Centre d’tudes Mdivales 1998, 67-85. Kacstv kolem roku 1000, Orlans 1022, Arras 1025, Monteforte. – Newton, Francis, Theology, Rhetoric, and Politics in the Eucharistic Controversy, 1078-1079: Alberic of Monte Cassino against Berengar of Tours, New York: Columbia University Press 2003. Dllinger, Ignaz von, Beitrge zur Sektengeschichte des Mittelalters II: Dokumente vornehmlich zur Geschichte der Valdesier und Katharer, Mnchen: Beck 1890 (petisk Darmstadt: Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft 1968, 1982). tit., To C, 30-31, 34-35, 52-85, 272-279, 320-329, 368-379; FF MU (DZ), s.] Manselli, Raoul (ed.), Testi per lo studio della eresia catara, Torino: Lauri 1964. Kras, Pawe, „esk kac: Husita“, in: Martin Nodl – Frantiek mahel (eds.), lovĕk eskho stedovĕku, Praha: Argo 2002, 248-269.stolet Joachym of Fiore and joachymism / Jchym z Fiore a joachymismus/joachymit Bibliography, state of research / Bibliografie, stav bdn Sources / Prameny Miscellaneous Catalogues and lists of manuscripts Miscellaneous / Rzn Wider context of apocalypticism and prophecy around the time of Joachim of Fiore / ir kontext apokalyptiky a profcie kolem doby Jchyma z Fiore Joachym of Fiore: life, work, theology / Jchym z Fiore: ivot, dlo, teologie Influence and Nachleben of Joachim of Fiore / Vliv Jchyma z Fiore Spiritual Franciscans / Spirituln frantikni Miscellaneous / Rzn Sources / Prameny Miscellaneous / Rzn Angelo Clareno Inquisitional treatises and formularies / Inkvizin pojednn a formule Inquisitional records Historiography, state of research, bibliographies / Historiografie, stav bdn, bibliografie Overviews / Pehledy Proceedings and collections of articles / Sbornky Journals / asopisy Beguin movement: history, sociology and prosopography Theology Poverty / Chudoba Church, ecclesiology Peter John Olivi / Petr Jan Olivi Sources Literature Angelo Clareno Ubertino of Casale / Ubertino z Casale Sources Literature Gerardino of Borgo San Donnino / Gerardino z Borgo San Donnino Southern France and Catalan beguins / Jihofrancouzt a katalnt beguini Miscellaneous / Rzn Beguins and literacy / Beguini a vzdlanost Repression of the spiritual Franciscans, inquisition against the beguins / Potlaovn spiritulnch frantikn, inkvizice proti beguinm Nachleben and memory Radical apocalyptic movements, 1260-1307 / Radikln apokalyptick hnut, 1260-1307 Miscellaneous / Rzn Fraticelli Gherardo Segarelli Fra Dolcino and his followers / Fra Dolcino a jeho stoupenci Novels about Segarelli and Dolcino / Romny o Segarellim a Dolcinovi Guglielma of Milan and the guglielmites / Vilemna z Milna a vilemnit Manuscripts Editions Literature Impact of Joachymism and of the spiritual franciscans in Bohemia / Vlivy joachymismu a spiritulnch frantikn v echch Literature / Literatura Sources / Prameny Processes around 1320 / Procesy kolem roku 1320 Papal process against Galeazzo and Matteo Visconti, 1320 Beghards and beguines / Beghardi a bekyn (odkaz) Heresy of the Free Spirit and heterodox mysticism / Hereze svobodnho ducha a heterodoxn mystika Sources / Prameny Miscellaneous / Rzn Overviews and overall interpretations / Pehledy, obecn pojednn, celkov vklady France / Francie Miscellaneous / Rzn Marguerite Porete (reference) / Markta Porete (odkaz) Na Prous Boneta Central Europe / Stedn Evropa Ortlibarii Holy heretics (heterodox cults of saints; cults of saints condemned as heretics) Heresy in Austria / Hereze v Rakousku Heresy in Rus’ / Hereze na Rusi Heresy in France (besides Catharism and Waldensianism) / Hereze ve Francii (mimo katarstv a valdenstv) Heresy in Germany (besides Catharism and Waldensianism) / Hereze v Nmecku (mimo katarstv a valdenstv) Heresy in Italy (besides Catharism and Waldensianism) / Hereze v Itlii (mimo katarstv a valdenstv) Miscellaneous Meco del Sacco Heresy in Poland / Hereze v Polsku Overviews / Pehledy Miscellaneous / Rzn Scholars and heresy, scholarly heresy; heresy and literacy, heresy and illiteracy / Vzdlanci a hereze, uen hereze, uen hereze; hereze a vzdlanost, hereze a nevzdlanost Amalric of Bene and Amalricians / Amalrich z Beny a amalrikni Sources Literature Late medieval heresy – overviews and miscellaneous / Pozdn stedovk hereze – pehledy a rzn John Wycliffe / Jan Viklef Sources / Prameny Overviews and introductions / Pehledy, vody, obecn pojednn Thought / Mylen Influence of Wicliff’s ideas / Viklefv vliv England / Anglie Central and Eastern Europe / Stedn a vchodn Evropa Lollards / Lollardi Sources / Prameny Miscellaneous / Rzn Overviews and introductions / Pehledy, vody, obecn pojednn Proceedings and collections of articles / Sbornky Theory and method, overall interpretations / Teorie a metodologie, celkov vklady Political and social context / Politick a spoleensk kontext Lollard groups and their organizations; sociological aspects of lollardy / Lolardsk skupiny a jejich organizace; sociologick aspekty lollardstv Preaching / Kzn Spirituality, Bible reading, religious life / Spiritualita, ten bible, nboensk ivot Lollards and literacy / Lollardi a vzdlanost Miscellaneous / Rzn Biblical exegesis and theology / Biblick exegeze a teologie Lollards and apocalypticism / Lollardi a apokalyptika Persecution of the Lollards / Vyhledvn a pronsledovn lolard Lollards and the Reformation / Lollardi a reformace Lollards and sexuality / Lollardi a sexualita Heresy in the Czech lands besides Hussitism / Hereze v eskch zemch krom husitstv Heresy before Hussitism / Pedhusitsk hereze Czech reform movement, Hussitism, Hussites / esk reformn hnut, husitstv, husit Sources – miscellaneous / Prameny – rzn Miscellaneous / Rzn Historiography and state of research / Historiografie a stav bdn Miscellaneous 1620-1870 1870-1929 1930-1989 Theory and method, overall interpretations / Teorie a metodologie, celkov vklady Miscellaneous How revolutionary was the Hussite revolution? Petitno zejm t ve Slovansk pehled 16, Praha 1914, kolem s. [Odborn literatura, edice pramen – katarstv, bogomilstv. 772-779 edice Niquintovy charty s komentem a francouzskm pekladem v druhm sloupci. anjek, Franjo, „La notion de la cration‘ dans l’glise des chrtiens bosniens aux 14 siècles“, Revue d’histoire ecclsiastique 93/1-2, 1998, 27-43. [NB asi nem nebo chyba (svzno dohromady 46/1-2 a 47/3-4). MZK, c.] Rigo, Antonio, „I vangeli dei bogomili“, Apocrypha 16, 2005, 163-197. se vnuje apokryfm vytvoenm bogomily i jim znmm, druh zpsobu ten kanonickch evangeli bogomily ve formativnm obdob (11.-12. [Pracovn verzi mm v doc.] Rigo, Antonio, „Il patriarca Germano II (1223-1240) e i bogomili“, Revue des tudes byzantines 51/1, 1993, 91-110. [CEC, JSTOR, Science Direct; p.] Bouquet, Martin et al. (eds.), Recueil des historiens des Gaules et de la France X, 536-539. Kras, Pawe, „Church Reform and the Hussite Revolution in the Diplomacy of Wadysaw II Jagieo“, in: Urszula Borkowska – Ji Fajt (eds.), The Culture of the Jagiellonian and Related Courts, Leipzig: GWZO 2010, 227-236.Krej, J., „Sociologick model revolunho procesu“, Sociologick asopis 4, 1968/6, 159-173. Kalivoda.] Machovec, Milan, Husovo uen a vznam v tradici eskho nroda, Praha 1953. It will be prepared for publication on the website of Filosofick asopis by Martin Machovec and Olga Baranov, the managing editor of the journal. doc.] Machovec, Milan, „K zpasu o nronj metodologick pstup k stedovk mylenkov ltce: Nad Kalivodovou knihou o husitsk ideologii“, Filosofick asopis 10/3, 1962, 398-419. 2013, see below.] Machovec, Milan, „K zpasu o nronj metodologick pstup k stedovk mylenkov ltce: Nad Kalivodovou knihou o husitsk ideologii“, in: Petr Dvok – Ladislav Kvasz – Petr Urban – Josef Velek – Josef Zumr (eds.), 60 let Filosofickho asopisu, Praha: Filosofia 2013, 97-126. Kniha zastv nzor, e libertinismus u stedovkch disidentskch skupin skuten existoval. Babut, È-Ch., Priscillien et le priscillianisme, Paris: Champion 1909. [FF MU (DZ); h.] Mitre Fernndez, Emilio, „Otras religiones ¿otras herejas? Novotn, cs).] Moore, Robert I., „The War against Heresy in Medieval Europe“, Historical Research 81/212, 2008, 189-210. Cituje Angelova, Ivanova, Loose, v bibliografii uvd Runcimana a Obolenskho atd., v o koncilu 1167, Int. [FF MU (DZ), s.] Baov, Elika, „O zpievan a ten eskm tractat [A Treatise on Reading and Singing in Czech] by Vclav Koranda the Younger: A Contribution to the History of Czech Liturgical Language“, [online], pel Zdenk V. Fudge, Thomas A., „Vclav the Anonymous and Jan Pbram: Textual Laments on the Fate of Religion in Bohemia (1424–1429)“, [online], The Bohemian Reformation and Religious Practice8, 2008 [2011], , [6. [FF MU (DZ), s.] Hlavek, Petr, „Errores quorumdam Bernhardinorum: Franciscans and the Bohemian Reformation“ [online], trans. David, The Bohemian Reformation and Religious Practice3, 1998 [2000], Kej, Ji, „Jeden z neptel husitstv – knz imon Burda“, in: Miloslav Polvka – Michal Svato (eds.), Historia docet: Sbornk prac k poct edestch narozenin prof. Ivana Hlavka, CSc., Praha: Historick stav SAV 1992, 157-165. Zur Verknpfung der causa fidei und der causa reformationis in der antihussitischen Propaganda von Papsttum und Konzil“, in: Karel Hruza (ed.), Propaganda, Kommunikation und ffentlichkeit (11.-16. [NKR.] Grygiel, Jerzy, „Rycerstwo polskie wobec idei krucjat antyhusyckich“, in: Wojciech Iwaczak – Ryszard Gadkiewicz (eds.), Polakw i Czechw wizerunek wzajemny (X-XVII w.), Wrocaw – Warszawa: Wydawnictwo Instytutu Historii PAN 2004, 91-103. See also Inquisition in the Czech lands; Inquisition in Poland. BJ, v.] ornej, Petr, „Idea nroda v husitskch echch“, in: Milo Drda – Frantiek J.[p.] Mervart, Jan, „Koncepce djin Roberta Kalivody a pijet jeho Husitsk ideologie“, in: Promny diskursu esk marxistick historiografie: Kapitoly z historiografie 20. [A commentary on the debate, mostly on its historical (not ideological) side, i.e. p.] Bolgiani, Franco, Ortodossia ed eresia: Il problema storiografico nella storia del Cristianesimo e la situazione „ortodossia“-„eresia“ agli inizi della storia cristiana, Torino: CELID 1987. Strun, ale velmi uiten vypadajc knka vnovan historiografickmu problmu s uvnm kategori ortodoxie a hereze v prvnch staletch kesanstv. KTF Wien, v.] Penni Iacco, Emanuela, L’arianesimo nei mosaici di Ravenna, Ravenna: Longo 2011. Monografie vnovan Areiovi a kontextu jeho mylen (nikoli tradici arinstv i hereziologick tradici o arinstv). BNF, v.] Frend, William Hugh Clifford, The Donatist Church: A Movement of Protest in Roman North Africa, Oxford 1952. Burrus, Virginia, The Making of a Heretic: Gender, Authority, and the Priscillianist Controversy, Berkeley – Los Angeles – London: University of California Press 1995. Recenze Church History: tematika genderu je lbiv titul, ve skutenosti moc neanalyzovno nad rmec vlivu en na koncily. El mundo mediterrneo ante el choque de civilizaciones‘ en el Medioevo“, En la España Medieval 25, 2002, 9-45. B6513), p.] Moore, Robert I., „Heresy, Repression, and Social Change in the Age of Gregorian Reform“, in: Scott L. Diehl (eds.), Christendom and its Discontents: Exclusion, Persecution, and Rebellion, 1000-1500, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 1996, 19-46. [Konstatuje disproporci mezi rozmrem hereze a zkrokem a hled proto jin celkov vysvtlen zkroku. BNCR, v.] Cracco, Giorgio, „Riforma ed eresia in momenti della cultura europea tra X e XI secolo“, Rivista di storia e letteratura religiosa 7, 1971, 411-477. Rufa v Avignonu, kanovnick reforma v Normandii ve 12. 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Part 2 Inventing Heresies: Lombard religiosities reconsidered: ‘Arianism’, syncretism and the transition to Catholic Christianity, Marilyn Dunn; Perceptions of heresy in historiographical and hagiographical sources of Aquitaine and the Loire Valley during the high Middle Ages, Julien Bellabre; The Bogomils’ folk heritage: false friend or neglected source? Anderson; Vernacular poetry and the spiritual Franciscans of the Languedoc: the poems of Ramon de Cornet, Catherine Lglu; Heretic Hussites: Oswald Von Wolkenstein’s ‘Song of Hell’ (‘Durch Toren Weis’), Sieglinde Hartmann; Dogging Cornwall’s ‘secret freaks’: Broul on the limits of European orthodoxy, James R. 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Heretical minorities’ views of the Roman empire as Christian: minority churches as so-called threats to the order; heretics and schismatics on the empire; Filostorgos on the Christian Roman empire; Socrates Scholasticus on the Christian Roman empire. BJ, v.] Blackman, Edwin Cyril, Marcion and His Influence, London: Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge 1948. [After an overview, this article focuses on the comparisons between Montanist ecstasy and pagan posession and argues that ectatic prophecy (somewhat overlooked by scholarship according to the author – which is, however, a debatable statement) was the core of the controversy. [p.] Ferrone, Vincenzo – Firpo, Massimo, „From Inquisitors to Microhistorians: A Critique of Pietro Redondi’s Galileo Eretico‘“, Journal of Modern History 58/2, 1986, 485-524. 109), and Pegg in particular (response: Pegg, „Albigenses...“ 2011). But the version provided here – extended chronologically and thematically into the theology of the Paris schools and the inquisition records of Languedoc – has ceased to be in a mutually modifying dialogue with the evidence.“ „Moore is of course not responsible for the quality of Chiu’s and Pegg’s work, but he is the person who has chosen to rely on them rather than on good scholars.“ Contrasts Merlo to Chiu, Pegg and Moore: „The passionate element in his enquiry is investigating historiography – calling everything into question – rather than demolishing. And though he raised deconstruction of singular Valdismo into plural Valdismi, he did not rig the enquiry to predetermine the answers.“ The review is followed by Moore’s response. (DZ, en).] Merlo, Grado Giovanni, „Inventare l’eresia e l’eretico? (eds.), „Ketzer“, Dissidenten, „Volksschdlinge“, Munich 1999. [Obsahuje jen tyto studie: jinakost a zachzen s n, msk stt a kesanstv, kaci ve stedovku, Gnter z Bruyns, odporovn, zachzen DDR s jej literaturou, heterodoxn mylenky u Wolframa z Eschenbachu a Gottfrieda ze Straburgu. Ortodoxie a hereze, nboensk deviace a lkask vdn, umn a hereze, charda, mu‘tazila, bogomilstv, rut heretici koncem 15. sub Bollettino).] Mller, Daniela, Ketzer und Kirche: Beobachtungen aus zwei Jahrtausenden, Berlin: Lit 2014. The heretical identity; „no history without heresy – history of heresy is Church history“; the image of the „other“. h.] Paolini, Lorenzo, Le piccole volpi: Chiesa ed eretici nel medioevo, ed. Loos, Milan, „Certains aspects du bogomilisme byzantin des 11 siècles“, Byzantinoslavica 28, 1967, . [Odborn literatura – religionistika – bogomilstv, katarstv. z 1993 v Bayreuthu, SRN, Praha: esk kesansk akademie – Husitsk teologick fakulta Univerzity Karlovy 1995, 295-299.

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Dominik a inkvizice Episcopal inquisition / Biskupsk inkvizice Friars and the inquisition / ebrav dy a inkvizice Miscellaneous / Rzn Franciscan inquisition / Frantiknsk inkvizice Inquisitional archives / Inkvizin archivy Inquisitorial manuals / Inkvizitorsk pruky Editions and translations – miscellaneous / Edice a peklady – rzn Miscellaneous / Rzn Literature / Literatura Malleus maleficarum / Kladivo na arodjnice Editions and translations Literature Inquisitional records, inquisitional protocols / Inkvizin zznamy, inkvizin protokoly Manuscripts Literature – miscellaneous / Literatura – rzn Inquisitorial records as sources: authenticity, facticity, reliability, discourse, problem of „authentic voice“ / Inkvizin zznamy jako pramen: autenticita, fakticita, spolehlivost, vrohodnost, diskurz, problm „autentickho hlasu“ The practical everyday functioning of the inquisition / Praktick fungovn inkvizice Financing of the inquisition / Financovn inkvizice, finance a chod inkvizinch tribunl Sources / Prameny Literature / Literatura Staff – assistants, notaries etc. Miscellaneous Notaries and their role / Noti a jejich loha Inquisitional procedure, legal aspects / Inkvizin procedura, prvn aspekty Miscellaneous / Rzn Proceedings and collections of articles / Sbornky Legislation / Legislativa Competences and legal status of the inquisitors / Kompetence a prvn postaven inkvizitor Crimen laese maiestatis / Zloin urky majesttu, urka majesttu Procedure / Inkvizin procedura Inductive studies of the procedure from trial records / Induktivn studie na zklad soudnch zznam Secrecy of witnesses / Nezveejovn jmna svdk Tempus gratiae / as milosti Police, arrests / Policejn roviny, zatkn Consultation; jury / Poradci; porota, komise Revocation, reconciliation, rituals of reintegration of heretics / Odvoln, rozheen, rituly reintegrace kac The concept of fama in trial procedures / Pojem fama v soudnch procedurch Torture (reference) / Tortura (muen) (odkaz) Rights of the inquired / Prva vyslchanch Role of theology, learning, and universities in the suppression of heresy The role of inquisitional procedure in supressing of heresy / Role inkvizin procedury v potlaovn kac Inquisitors and the papacy Miscellaneous Papal processes against inquisitors, removals from office Punishments / Tresty Inquisitional discourse / Inkvizin diskurz Miscellaneous / Rzn Moral conscience in inquisitional and church control of behavior / Svdom v inkvizin a obecn crkevn kontrole chovn Suspicion / podezen Abjuration / Abjurace The Devil in the inquisitional discourse / bel v inkvizinm diskurzu Inquisition and confession / Inkvizice a zpov Anti-inquisitorial action Violence against the inquisitors and their archives / toky a nsil proti inkvizitorm a inkvizinm archivm Manipulation and use of the inquisition by its „objects“ / Manipulace a vyuit inkvizice jejmi „objekty“ Inquisition by object or group of investigation / Inkvizice podle pedmtu vyetovn i vyetovan skupiny Inquisition and the Jews, anti-Jewish inquisition / Inkvizice a id, protiidovsk inkvizice Inquisition and the Muslims, anti-Muslim inquisition / Inkvizice a muslimov, protimuslimsk inkvizice Inquisition and the repression of learned heresy / Inkvizice a potrn ueneck hereze Inquisition and science / Inkvizice a vda Inquisition and women / Inkvizice a eny Inquisition and the conceptualization and regulation of sexuality / Inkvizice a konceptualizace a regulace sexuality Miscellaneous Mixed marriages / Smen manelstv Inquisition and the suicide / Inkvizice a sebevrada Inquisition and blasphemy; the repression of blasphemy / Inkvizice a rouhn; represe rouhn Inquisition in specific regions – miscellaneous / Inkvizice v jednotlivch oblastech – rzn Inquisition in Languedoc / Inkvizice v Languedoku Inquisition in France / Inkvizice ve Francii Miscellaneous Inquisitions under Philip IV (Philip the Fair) Affair Saisset Inquisition in Flandres / Inkvizice ve Flandrech Inquisition in the Netherlands / Inkvizice v Nizozem Inquisition in Germany / Inkvizice v Nmecku Miscellaneous / Rzn Conrad of Marburg / Konrd z Marburgu Inquisition in England / Inkvizice v Anglii Inquisition in Norway / Inkvizice v Norsku Inquisition in Switzerland / Inkvizice ve vcarsku Inquisition in Central Europe / Inkvizice ve stedn Evrop Inquisition in Austria / Inkvizice v Rakousku Inquisition in the Czech lands / Inkvizice v eskch zemch Manuscripts / Rukopisy Editions / Edice Miscellaneous Inquisition in Hungary / Inkvizice v Uhersku Some manuscripts Literature Inquisition in Poland / Inkvizice v Polsku Middle Ages / Stedovk Manuscripts / Rukopisy Editions / Edice Literature / Literatura Inquisition in Italy; Roman inquisition / Inkvizice v Itlii; msk inkvizice Middle Ages / Stedovk Sources / Prameny Literature / Literatura Miscellaneous Studies on manuscripts Early modern era; the Roman inquisition, the Holy Office / Ran novovk; msk inkvizice, Svat officium Sources / Prameny Overviews / Pehledy Regional and local studies / Regionln a lokln studie Miscellaneous / Rzn Inquisition in Spain / Inkvizice ve panlsku Miscellaneous / Rzn Overviews and introductions / Pehledy, vody, obecn pojednn Moriscos, conversos Particular cases Inquisition in Portugal / Inkvizice v Portugalsku Inquisition in the American colonies – miscellaneous / Inkvizice v americkch kolonich – rzn Inquisition in Mexico / Inkvizice v Mexiku Inquisition in Peru / Inkvizice v Peru Inquisition in Brasil / Inkvizice v Brazlii Inquisition on Canary Islands / Inkvizice na Kanrskch ostrovech Inquisition in India / Inkvizice v Indii Inquisition and counter-reformation / Inkvizice v dob protireformace, inkvizice v ranm novovku Analogies of the inquisition in Protestant regions / Analogie inkvizice v protestantskch oblastech Individual inquisitors and officials of the inquisition / Jednotliv inkvizitoi a inkvizin ednci Miscellaneous / Rzn Bernard of Caux / Bernard z Caux Bernard of Castanet and his process / Bernard z Castanetu a jeho proces Bernard Dlicieux and his fight against the Inquisition / Bernard Dlicieux a jeho boj proti inkvizici Bernard Gui Manuscripts Editions and translations Literature Jacques Fournier, his tribunal, his register / Jakub Fournier, jeho tribunl, inkvizin registr Jakuba Fourniera Miscellaneous / Rzn Jacques Fournier (Benedict XII) as a person / Jakub Fournier (Benedikt XII.) jako osoba The register as text / Registr jako text Discussion of E. ploha), 197, 210-215.] anjek, Franjo, Les chrtiens bosniaques et le mouvement cathare, XII siècles, Nauwelaerts, Bruxelles – Paris – Louvain 1976. c.] idak, Jaroslav, Studije o „Crkvi bosanskoj“ i bogumilstvu, Zagreb 1975. Antoljak in: Kol., Bogomilstvoto..., 61 m jeho zvry za jednostrann. Dle kol., Bogomilstvoto..., 211 je to nejvt skeptik mezi badateli (zabvajcmi se Bosenskou crkv). Includes bibliographical references.] Weingart, Milo, Potky bogomilstv, prvnho opravnho hnut u Slovan. [c.] Petkanova, Donka, „Bogomilstvoto i apokrifnata literatura“, Palaeobulgarica / Staroblgaristika 6/3, 1982, 143-153. Barto, Frantiek Michlek, „Do ty praskch artykul: Z mylenkovch i stavnch zpas let 1415-1420“, Sbornk pspvk k djinm hlavnho msta Prahy 5, 1932, 481-591.

Theory and method – general / Teorie a metodologie – obecn General overviews / Celkov pehledy Heterodoxy in ancient Christianity / Heterodoxie ve starovkm kesanstv Medieval heresy / Stedovk hereze Inquisition and the repression of heresy / Inkvizice a represe hereze Early modern religious dissent / Ran novovk disidence Heresy and blasphemy in the Christian discourses from 19th c. 1137) Anti-Cathar sources / Protikatarsk prameny Manuscripts Editions Literature Hagiographical sources / Hagiografick prameny Laws and statutes / Zkony a vnosy Inquisitional records from Languedoc – miscellaneous / Inkvizin akta z Languedoku – rzn Manuscripts Editions Translations Studies Inquisitional records from Italy – miscellaneous / Inkvizin akta z Itlie – rzn Chronicles and letters / Kroniky a dopisy Manuscripts Editions Individual sources (by name) – manuscripts, editions, translations, studies / Jednotliv prameny (podle nzvu) – rukopisy, edice, peklady, studie Abjuration in Moissac Alan of Lille / Alan z Lille Anonymous treatise / Anonymn pojednn Manuscripts Translations Studies Canso de la Crozada / Pse o kov vprav Charter of Niquinta / Niquintova listina Manuscripts and old print / Rukopisy a star tisk Editions Translations Studies – miscellaneous De heresi catharorum in Lombardia and related documents / De heresi catharorum in Lombardia a zvisl dokumenty Manuscripts and old print Disputatio inter catholicum et patarinum hereticum Manuscripts Studies Dublin ritual / Dublinsk spis Manunscript Descriptions and studies Ebervin of Steinfeld’s letter to Bernard of Clairvaux / Dopis Ebervina ze Steintfeldu Bernardovi z Clairvaux Translations Geoffroy of Auxerre / Geoffroi z Auxerre Hugh Eteriano, Contra patarenos / Hugo Eteriano, Contra patarenos Manuscripts Studies Interrogatio Iohannis Manuscripts Editions Translations Studies Isti sunt herrores James Fournier’s register / Inkvizin registr Jakuba Fourniera Liber de duobus principiis and the Florence Ritual Manuscript Editions and translations – Liber de duobus principiis Literature – Liber de duobus principiis Lyon ritual / Lyonsk d Manuscript Editions Literature Moneta of Cremona, Adversus Catharos et Valdenses (Summa contra hereticos) Manuscripts Editions Translations Literature Radulf Ardent / Radulf Horliv Raniero Sacconi, Summa de catharis et leonistis Manuscripts Editions Translations Some literature Anonymous of Passau / Pasovsk anonym Manuscripts Editions Literature Tractatus de hereticis Manuscript Manuscripts and manuscript collections – miscellaneous / Rukopisy a rukopisn sbrky – rzn Miscellaneous / Rzn Unpublished manuscripts / Dosud nevydan rukopisy Note on critical editions / Poznmka o poizovn kritickch edic Potentially interesting manuscripts and collections / Potenciln zajmav rukopisy a sbrky Lists of manuscripts / Soupisy rukopis Fonds Doat / Sbrka Doat Fonds Baluze Overviews / Pehledy a obecn pojednn Academic / Akademick Popular / Populrnvdeck Proceedings and collections of articles / Sbornky a vbory – rzn Overall interpretations / Celkov vklady Miscellaneous / Rzn Origin of Catharism / Pvod katarstv Miscellaneous / Rzn Contacts among Cathar groups in general / Kontakty mezi katarskmi skupinami obecn Eastern origin, Catharism and Bogomilism / Vchodn pvod, katarstv a bogomilstv Criticism of the Eastern genealogy / Kritika vchodn genealogie Cathars and Manicheism / Katai a manicheismus Catharism and Origenism / Katarstv a rigenismus Cathars and the Kaballah / Katai a kabala End of Catharism, wiping out of Catharism – the Inquisition, preaching...? 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Simpson (eds.), Heresy and the Making of European Culture: Medieval and Modern Perspectives, Farnham – Burlington: Ashgate 2013, 129-149. Zde se pe o odchodu heretik a o tom, e jim Kulin poskytl azyl. Novm zpracovnm je zejm Dissent and Order.] Russell, Jeffrey Burton, „Saint Boniface and the Excentrics“, Church History 33/3, 1964, 235-247. Russellovo hodnocen tchto kac jako posedlch i psychicky nevyrovnanch lid podle Gurevie spe nen na mst (Gurevi, Nebe..., 165, pozn. [EBSCOhost, Pro Quest, html, p.] Frassetto, Michael, „The Sermons of Ademar of Chabannes and the Letter of Heribert: New Sources Concerning the Origins of Medieval Heresy“, Revue bndictine 109/3-4, 1999, 324-340. , c.] Landes, Richard, „The Dynamics of Heresy and Reform in Limoges: A Study of Popular Participation in the Peace of God‘ (994-1033)“, Historical Reflections / Rflexions historiques 14, 1997, 467-511. Its central thesis is that the extant texts were intended merely as an exercise in university teaching, they were not written by their purported authors, and were never sent. Jahrhundert, (Colloquia mediaevalia Pragensia 1), Praha: Filosofia 1999, 81-108., Piny, struktury a osobnosti husitsk revoluce,esk Budjovice: Veduta 2006. Collections of chapters on various topics linked to the Hussite revolution, mainly the role of nobility.

to the present / Hereze a rouhn v kesanskch diskurzech od 19. do souasnosti Magic in the Christian culture, Christian magic; witchcraft and the Witch hunt / magie v kesansk kultue, kesansk magie; arodjnice a arodjnci, hon na arodjnice Theory and method – general / Teorie a metodologie – obecn Overall views and theories of heresy – miscellaneous / Celkov pohledy na herezi a teorie hereze – rzn The notion of orthodoxy and heresy Marxist approach, historical materialism / Marxistick pojet, historick materialismus Marxist scholarship / Marxistick bdn Miscellaneous / Rzn Debate between Milan Machovec and Robert Kalivoda in the 1960s On Marxist approach / O marxistickm pojet Criticism The use of sources, their reliability Comparative perspective – works on different traditions and religions / Srovnvac perspektiva – prce o jinch oblastech a obdobch General overviews / Celkov pehledy Heterodoxy in ancient Christianity / Heterodoxie ve starovkm kesanstv Miscellaneous / Rzn Overviews / Pehledy a pehledov sbornky Proceedings, collections of essays / Sbornky Ancient heresy as theoretical problem / Starovk hereze jako teoretick problm View of heresy in antiquity / Pojet hereze ve starovku Miscellaneous / Rzn We and the other in the construction of heresy in antiquity Accusations of sexual misconduct, cannibalism and ritual murder in antiquity / Obvinn z nepovolen sexuality, kanibalismu a rituln vrad v antice Against Christians / Proti kesanm Ancient heresiology, polemics and intellectual fight against heterodoxy / Starovk hereziologie, polemika a intelektuln boj proti heterodoxii Ancient legal action against and imperial persecution of the heretics / Starovk prvn zkroky a csask pronsledovn kac Marcion and Marcionism / Markin a markionismus Overviews / Pehledy Montanus and Montanism / Montanus a montanismus Sources / Prameny Overviews / Pehledy a obecn pojednn Reactions to montanism, repression / Reakce na montanismus, represe Arianism / Arinstv Donatism, Donatists, circumcelliones / Donatismus, donatist, circumcelliones Pelagius, Pelagianism / Pelagius, pelaginstv Priscillien and Priscillianism / Priscillin a priscillinstv Collyridians / Kollyridiany Medieval heresy / Stedovk hereze Theory and method / Teorie a metodologie Miscellaneous / Rzn Ethics of research / Vzkumn etika Global theories and interpretations of medieval heresy / Celkov vklady stedovk hereze, celkov pohledy, obecn teorie Miscellaneous / Rzn Heresy and reform / Hereze a reforma (Some) medieval dissenting movements as „first reformation“ or „premature reformation“ / (Nkter) stedovk nesouhlasn hnut jako „prvn reformace“ i „reformace ped reformac“ Social roots of medieval heresy / Spoleensk koeny stedovk hereze Construction of heresy, invention of heresy; deconstructionist scholarship and criticism thereof / Konstrukce hereze, vymlen hereze; dekonstrukcionistick bdn a jeho kritika Subversivity of heresy in feudal society, heresy against feudalism? / Konec katarstv, potlaen katarstv – inkvizice, kzn...? Materijali od simpoziumot odran vo Skopje na 30, 31 maj i 1 juni 1978 godina, Makedonska akademija na naukite i umetnostite – Srpska akademija nauka i umetnosti – Akademija nauka i umjetnosti Bosne i Hercegovine, Skopje 1982. Jde o dleit meznk v bdn; odliuje bogomilsk apokryf Int. Sna se prokzat vliv bogomilstv na Petera Plowmana a na Miltona. FF MU.] Angelovska-Panova, Maja – Roach, Andrew P., „The Bogomils’ Folk Heritage: False Friend or Neglected Source? [Mentions problems in historiography but overall accepts (and tries to exemplify) Bogomil influences on these tales. Prameny k bogomilstv; pedchdci bogomilskho uen (manicheismus, messalinstv, paulikinstv...); bogomilstv a historick procesy; bogomilstv v textov tradici; bogomilstv v nrodn tradici; bogomilstv v makedonsk toponymii a antroponymii. A., „Bulgarian Bogomil Movement“, East European Quaterly 11/4, 1977, 385-412. [Also published in Head – Landes (eds.), The Peace of God..., 184-218.] Lobrichon, Guy, „Le clair-obscur de l’hrsie au dbut du XI siècle en Aquitaine“, Historical Reflections / Rflexions historiques 14, 1987, 423-444. , c.] Frassetto, Michael, „Reaction and Reform: Reception of Heresy in Arras and Aquitaine in the Early Eleventh Century“, Catholic Historical Review 33, 1997, 386-400. Ioh., Knihu o dvou principech, Anonymn pojednn, latinsk ritul z Florencie, okcitnsk ritul z Lyonu a dal okcitnsk ritul z Dublinu. Jako dodatek jsou pipojeny inkvizin zznamy o tech katarskch kznch. Not all historians accept this conclusion, but some of the important do, e.g. Heck, Roman, Tabor a kandydatura jagielloska v Czechach (1438-1444), Wrocaw: Wrocawske Towarzystwo Naukowe 1964. Approach inspired by structuralistic and sociological views.

p.] Dorpalen, Andreas, German History in Marxist Perspective: The East German Approach, Detroit 1985. The concept of superstitio; the production of religious norms during the late Republic; religious experiences outside temples; the normative discourse in late Antiquity; the individual; deviance and individualization: from Cicero to Theodosius. (eds.), Arianism after Arius: Essays on the Development of the Fourth Century Trinitarian Conflicts, Edinburgh: T. ad ji k funkcionalismu a m za to, e nen tak snadn vyargumentovat stabilitu ran stedovk spolenosti v kontrastu s kesanskou spolenost po r. Trawkowski: Mezi ortodoxi a herez: Vita apostolica (FJ). See also Origins and beginnings of medieval heresy. [Pnosn prce, lze doporuit tomu, kdo si chce pest nco o bogomilstv v etin.] Loos, Milan, Vznik a vvoj bogomilstv v Bulharsku I: Potky, disertan prce, Praha [1951]. Dal svazky zamlen prce nejsou k dispozici; mon ani nevznikly. Rejchrtov, Noemi, „Dtsk otzka v husitstv“, esk asopis historick 28/1, 1980, 53-77. Nechutov, Jana, „Polemika tpna z Dolan s husitskou ikonofobi“, in: Jaroslav Pnek (ed.), Husitstv – reformace – renesance I, Praha: Historick stav 1994, 391-399.

Leff, Gordon, The Tyranny of Concepts: A Critique of Marxism, London: Merlin 1961. M., „Were Ancient Heresies Disguised Social Movements? h.] Stachura, Micha, „Pojcie heretycy‘ w ustawodawstwie Konstantyna Wielkiego i jego nastpcw“, Historyka: Studia metodologiczne 30, 2000, 59-72. [Recenze Heresis 38, 146 ad.] Lundhaug, Hugo, „Shenoute’s Heresiological Polemics and Its Context(s)“, in: David Brakke – Jrg Ulrich – Anders-Christian Jacobsen (eds.), Invention, Rewriting, Usurpation: Discursive Fights over Religious Traditions in Antiquity, (Early Christianity in the Context of Antiquity 11), Frankfurt: Peter Lang 2012, 239-261. Dodnes uiten shrnut, zamuje se dost na sociln a historick pozad. [Le Goff: je mon na to „v kadm ppad odkzat“.] Labriolle, P. BL, v.] Yitzak Hen is working on a book on western Arianism in a political and social context (due for 2015). 1000 a e vzestup hereze lze vysvtlit i bez toho v tom smyslu, e hereze sp koen v protestu proti roziovn autority crkve a crkevn disciplinaci. c., p.] Biller, Peter, „Through a Glass Darkly: Seeing Medieval Heresy“, in: Peter Linehan – Janet L. Heresy / Linehan), h., l.] Capitani, Ovidio, „Eresie nel medioevo o medioevo ereticale? Geremek, Bronisaw, „Mouvements hrtiques et dracinement social au bas Moyen ge“, Annales 37/1, 1982, 186-192. stol.; Quo elongati ehoe IX.; nmeck mystika; mystika a osvcen ve stedovku; mistr Eckhart; Dante a mistr Eckhard; stereotyp kace; oportet et haereses esse – kacstv ve stedovk biblick exegezi; „Ketzerverhre...“; uen a lidov hereze (fr.). MZK.] Obolensky, Dmitri, The Bogomils: A Study in Balkan Neo-Manichaeism, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 1948 (petisk New York: AMS Press 1978). Spunar, Pavel, „Rodzina i dzieci v pogadach Jana Husa“, Kwartalnik historyczny 90, 1983, 745-756. Bylina, Stanisaw, „Religijno radykalnego husytyzmu“, Studia religiologica 41, 2008, 21-36. Nejedl, Vratislav, „Obrazoboreck tendence v eskch djinch 17. stolet: Rozdly a shody s husitskm ikonoklasmem“, Husitsk Tbor 8, 1985, 83-87.

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